Stirling Communication between people from foreign countries


Bucharest Bible vs. book with blank pages


Hamburg The challenge to fit with the changes of the 21st century



Is masonry a utopia



Humanity as a masonic principle


Dalkeith What is the limit of our tolerance?
2013 Tábor What does CATENA mean to you as a mason?
2012 Hyerès How is a mason affected by the world in chaos?
2011 Speyer Freemasonry between tradition and modernism
2010 Baden-Wien Freemasonry and daily life
2009 Stirling The absolute and the relative of freemasonry
2008 Pisek How may the chain of Catena be strengthened for the future?
2007 Perpignan Can freemasonry appeal to young people?
2006 Munich How can freemasonry contribute to world peace?
2005 Vienna Is freemasonry a philosophy?
2004 Stirling Freemasonry between tradition and growth
2003 Prag Silence
2002 Marseille Freemasonry´s responsibility in society
2001 Karlsruhe Initiation as the center of masonic work
2000 Neusiedl What does Catena mean to you and what do you expect from it?
1999 Harrogate How may we create a greater interest in masonic knowledge for our members?
1998 Napoli The symbolism of the solstices
1997 Sao Paolo A mason - born or made?
1996 Hamburg How does masonic teaching guide you in the profane world?
1995 Miami The voyage - the initiate's path to inner self transformation
1994 Epe (NL) Can freemasonry remain unchanged in the world of today?
1993 Vienna How does freemasonry differ from all other organisations?
1992 London The art of listening and the voice of silence
1991 Riccione Masonic ritual as a guideline in daily life
1990 Bernried The symbolism of the initiation rituals
1989 Noordwijk Freemasonry´s contribution to a united Europe
1988 Baden-Vienna Theory and practice in freemasonry
1987 Harrogate Liberty and discipline in freemasonry
1986 Florenz The esoteric roots of mixed masonry
1985 Seeheim Freemasonaryand the path of peace
1984 Mailand How can the public be made aware of freemasonry?
1983 Maastricht Of free and good report
1982 Stockholm Freemasonry and the zeitgeist
1981 Edingburgh The maning of ritual in freemasonry
1980 Hamburg Freemasonry and religion